Friday, January 8, 2010

Wedding Details

Loved all the details in this wedding of Phyllis and Dan shot by Sarah K Chen Photography. The bride herself is a graphic desginer! See more of the wedding here.

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  1. wow...the details and design are to die for!

  2. omg! rachel, i don't know if you remember me, but i'm a friend of cha's and christina's from fuller who you've met a few random times. i follow your blog religiously -- you and lisa have such great eyes for design, and i'm getting married in a few months, so you give me lots of inspiration. what a pleasant surprise it was to see this -- i was at this wedding! dan and phyl are good friends of mine from our home church in michigan. phyllis is stinkin' amazing. and she's doing my invitations! i feel v. lucky.

    okay, enough rambling. i just got really excited. :)

  3. @lizzo
    Hi Liz! Yes i remember! Thanks for following us and congrats on your engagement!! Would love to see your invites when they are finished :)