Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Superhero / Villain Birthday Party

Over a week ago I threw my husband a fun birthday party for his 30th. He always thought it would be fun to see his friends dress up as super heroes and so I decided to throw one for him. Of course, we tried to keep our ideas to a minimum. =)

Here are some photos of the invites that I sent out to each guest confirmed they were coming. We told our guest that they needed to RSVP before finding any details of the event and this is what we came up with.

So Rachel made these awesome invites and we wanted to make sure it was a "mission" that people were taking. We made a folded card from cardstock paper {Strathmore is what we used} and on a separate card was printed and information. A photo and the information care was paper clipped to the folded card stock.

A small post-it had the time that they needed to be at the location. Rachel made a label that wrapped around the envelope.

We wanted to make this fun! In order to figure out the location of the party, the front part of the card had explained that they needed to use the marker and color the white area of the bottom half of the card and the location will appear. How we did this was that we wrote the location with white crayon which worked PERFECTLY!!!

The photo backdrop was a navy blue flat full bed sheet and we made the skyscraper out of black and yellow construction paper. Added some text and VOILA! 

Some VIP guests that attended the party: Optimus Prime, The Crow, Rogue, Wolverine, Chuck Bartowski, Sailor Moon, The Flash, OMG girl.

The Incredibles also made an appearance.

OMG Girl and The Flash duking it out. (Can you believe that Flash costume is all DIY!?)

While we were having fun... we did not forget the tragedy that was happening in Haiti and decided that instead of gifts... we asked our friends to donate money for relief for Haiti. "Heroes for Haiti".

For centerpieces, I used black construction paper and cut out rectangular windows and folded it so that it had 4 panels to make a square. The center of the square we placed a votive and so light was shining through the windows of the mini skyscrapers.

 Red velvet and banana cake here by Icing on the Cake!

We had a blast!! It was definitely a great night! Happy Birthday Billy!

{Photo of invites taken by Manus Chau}

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