Monday, July 27, 2009

Lisa's Big Day: The Bridesmaid's POV PART 1

Lisa is finally married and on her way to her honeymoon on some obscure tropical island! Lucky girl! I was privileged enough to be part of her big day and super excited to share with you my non-pro shots of the day. I'm sure Lisa will post some from her photographer, the uber talented Sabine Scherer later on as well. Both ceremony and reception were held outdoors at the beautiful Hakone Gardens, a Japanese koi pond garden in Saratoga, CA.

Hung at the gate entrance of the garden.

The bridesmaids' bouquets and boutonnieres were all made by Lisa herself on the night before her wedding. Yes, she is crazy, but it takes a little bit of crazy to be a creative genius. =) I loved the little pom ball boutonnieres.

The programs sat in an apple crate she found for $1 at some random store. The covers were printed on a metallic stardream green paper through my inkjet and the inside was printed on kraft paper through my laser printer.

these were inspired by the lovely work of Erin Jang

Each table centerpiece sat one of these lovelies. Two yellow birdies nesting on a delicious red velvet or banana cake on top of wood stumps cut by the bride's very own hubby. I was in love with these.

At the reception, this was one of many tables set up. It was the sweet bar full of Paulette's macaroons, lemonade and a popcorn bar all in the colors of the wedding

The table numbers were held by one large, evenly round white balloon with a tag of the table number printed on. Each balloon was held down by a single green apple. She found a local balloon shop that sold these in all different sizes and colors.

Check back for more of the fun-filled day!

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  1. rachel, do you know what local shop lisa found the round balloons at? i just ordered quite a few for my friend's baby shower, but would love to know if they were any cheaper at the local place.

  2. I believe you can find them here

  3. I actually ordered the balloons online and bought helium tanks :)

  4. thanks lisa! i bought mine through and i'm renting a helium tank. :D

  5. awww i love it!! its great.. and when i saw the cakes.. i drooled.. red velvet AND banana?!!!!

  6. dunno how much you're renting for but you can get tanks for about 35 bucks at party city, and you can find a coupon for 10 bucks off too :)

    We probably only needed 1.5 tanks to fill up too

  7. you guys rock!! that was such a FUN wedding! It has totally inspired me to stick in waaay more DIY projects the week before my wedding than I can handle!!! I hope you are having a blast on your honeymoon!!!!!