Friday, May 21, 2010

Deny & Vivian's Wedding Part 1

So I know you all remember my friend Deny and his proposal. The big day had arrived and Lisa and I were recruited to be decorating slaves. Deny's wedding was intended to be simple and budget-friendly but still carrying over their personalities and also the elements of their invite and engagement. Check out some of the fun elements of the big day!

Setting up the room with some big, big blue balloons. Each balloon was a centerpiece and had a photo tied to it of numbers they spelled out with some light--the same way Deny proposed to Vivian! The awesome bird house money box was created specifically for the wedding by Deny's best man and local artist, Erik Otto. Check out his shop for more on the series.

Erik also painted the adorable cake toppers for the wedding. See that little black box with a red tongue? That is Deny's beloved pug, Rocky. Looks like him, eh? Rocky always has his tongue out.

They also had this awesome photo booth set up by Deny's friend. My past experience with photo booths that people set up on their own have generally been less than spectacular. But let me tell you, this phootbooth that his friend built and programmed was amazing. There's even a softbox in there aimed right at you (hence the great lighting in the photos). I will probably blog a post just on this photobooth!

More to come!

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