Friday, March 5, 2010

Love in Lights - A Creative Proposal

I'm really excited to share that one of my really good friends that I've known since high school is getting married. He is one of the most talented designers I know; don't tell him I said that :) (co-owner of New Leaf Clothing and a senior designer at Larsen Interactive). Deny proposed to his fiancee, Vivian on their trip to Mexico a couple of months ago in a very creative way.

Vivian and I vacationed with my family in Cabo San Lucas. On Saturday night, after our buffet dinner, I told her I wanted to take a walk on the beach, walk off the food. She agreed. We grabbed my photo gear, a towel and headed out.

It was dark but there was a nice full moon. We found a spot to listen to the waves and relax.
I set up a tripod some distance away and told her we’re going to take night photos. The timer was set, I snapped a photo and ran by her side. I used a small light to illuminate us…also to get a sense of the timing of the exposure.

Next pic…I took out a blue led light and drew a heart. After each photo, I had to take the camera off the tripod to show Vivian the image. When she saw this, she was wow’ed and totally into it. She wanted to draw bigger hearts. I knew I got her.
I drew a small heart around us then a bigger one. These were all tests to see how much time I had…approx. 25 secs.

After the big heart I was ready. I knew I had to write backwards, but didnt realize how hard it would be.
I wrote “Marry Me”. And it was illegible. I was scared…I showed Vivian the photo and she asked what is that? I didn’t answer; I was about ready to just pull the ring out. Then she said is that our names? I answered yes but you can’t read it. I’ll try it again.

One more giant practice heart to get my confidence back. And then…
I showed Vivian and asked her to read it. She was speechless. She didn’t answer me and I thought maybe she couldn’t read it again. I pulled the ring out of my pocket. She murmured, “Marry me?” I was on one knee by then and had the ring out. I shined the light on the ring and asked, “Will you marry me?” She was still in so much shock she didn’t answer. I asked a couple more times and she finally said, “YES!” She was still in disbelief for the next half hour.

Playing off his light treatments, Deny plans to apply this theme throughout his wedding. Check out his save the date! His invitation is currently on press and I can't wait to see it! Congrats again to Deny & Vivian! Can't wait for your big day!

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  1. can't wait for the big day!

  2. how utterly romantic and creative!! My favorite combination! =)

  3. how absolutely romantic *sniff* :) God bless them

  4. This is adorable and romantic. Love it!

  5. That is so sweet. Im so happy for you both. Deny, you are such a romantic!

  6. soooooooooooo flippin' awesome!!!

  7. imagination plus, love it