Monday, December 14, 2009

Cookies for a Cause!

My husband and I hosted our annual cookie exchange (well it's the 2nd year) and this year we decided to bake for a cause! Our baked goods were being donated to a local women and children's shelter as well as the hard workers that keep that facility running.
Here are some of the yummy cookies that were made!

We had a great time judging the best tasting cookie which were the whoopie pies (4th photo down on the left row) and the best looking cookies which were the raspberry thumbprint cookies (2nd photo down on the left row).

We also had an ugly sweater contest which made for some good laughs. The hit of the party were making individual bags of cookies for the kids at the shelter where we stamped a bag and made an ornament for them.

We had such a great time and I am sure that these cookies that were baked with love will bring a smile to someone's face!

** Photo credits to David Shin

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  1. the cookies on the top left look delicious!

  2. They all look delicious! Will try to make it next year! i was taking way to much time this Saturday to get ready for the google holiday party... and i was afraid my will power will not be strong enough and i will pig out :) with all that temptation around. -Laura

  3. great event!! awesome idea to donate to shelter too...