Sunday, December 13, 2009

Candy Cane Sweets to a Lovely Treat

Jessica from Such Pretty Things came up with an easy way to create old fashioned reception mint sticks from candy canes. I love these pastel candy canes she used!

Per Jessica:
To make my own candy sticks, I started by removing the curved potion of the candy canes in order to transform them into "sticks". You could obviously leave them as canes if you so desired, but I was in the mood for sticks. :-). This was really a very easy process - I just scored each cane with a knife (where I wanted the break to be) and then gently snapped off the tops.

Next, I melted some white chocolate (milk or dark chocolate would be delicious, too) - you can use candy melts for this if you wish. Then, I just dipped each stick in the melted chocolate and then immediately rolled them in some pretty nonpareils. I let them sit for about ten minutes to set up before I packaged them.

All photos from Such Pretty Things

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