Tuesday, November 24, 2009

O Boy! What a Shower!

My lovely partner in crime, Lisa, hosted an awesome, carnival-themed baby shower for our friend Michelle of Bliss'd Weddings. The party included much entertainment like a caricaturist (Jon Casey Carictures) and crazy diaper games to delicious eats like mini sliders, awesome cupcakes from Sibby's and electrifyingly blue cotton candy. Congrats to Michelle and great job Lisa on planning the shower! I had a great time. Some photos from the day.

joliejolie in disguise

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  1. Thanks for having me come draw!
    Jon Casey

  2. such a great shower! we had a blast! :) <3, kate & ross

  3. Thanks Jon! you did awesome! We enjoyed having you there!

    Kate and Ross.. We are glad you were able to join the festivities!