Monday, June 1, 2009

Flash Web Design

I was browsing through some of the FWA sites and found some really amazing work. Some of my favorites were a froyo site in Dubai called Hello Sour Sally. Sally floats around on a balloon and you can navigate around as you drag her up higher. If you pop her balloon, a big hand gives her another one! I love the drawings and the interactivity on this site.

St. Francis of Greenville's hospital has an especially unique website for a hospital. Most are very corporate looking with a lot of lifesytle shots. St. Francis is completely in hand drawings and when you navigate to a section, a trolley zooms by and picks the people up! I love it.

Magnivate is an interactive agency that also roates around in a sphere as you walk a character around to different parts of the town. You can customize the given avatar and interact with other users on the site at the same time.

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