Sunday, May 31, 2009

Recap of Makerfaire SF!

As Lisa mentioned, we went to SF's Makerfaire this weekend. Thanks to Etsy for my free ticket through their twitter!

We saw a lot of cute handmade items and also had some tasty foods.

Something I picked up for my bathroom was this adorable silkscreened birdie on wood by tiny sparks design. The artist is a furniture maker who decided to change direction and try something new. We're definitely all for that when it produces amazing artwork!

I loved these adorable dishes, but I'm so bummed because I forgot to pick up a business card. Let me know if you recognize it!

Of course, yudu was there and giving away free ones in a raffle. We got to see how it worked. I think I'm going to start a yudu money jar for one.

There was also good food of course. Check out the huge pots of paella cooking!

Definitely tons of fun, and to sum it all up:


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1 comment:

  1. we did the yudu too. looooooved it. my bag says "birth,make,death" does yours say "yudu or die??" the ceramics are ezme designs i believe ...