Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I Love the 80's PART DEUX - Fun & Games

The color theme for Lisa's 80's bridal shower was basically a hot pink and black. Our friend, Sarah, only found soft pink carnations, so she spray painted them hot pink and wrapped zebra paper around the vases.

Although the eighties entailed a lot of cheesiness, we wanted to incorporate some chicness. For the balloons, rather than tie ribbon on the end, one of the bridesmaids bought a bulk of black lace off ebay and we used them to tie to the end of the balloons as well as crisscross around on the tables that had a pink tablecloth.

For the tables with a black tablecloth, we reused the magenta masking tape to mimic the invite. These were used for the slambook table and candy buffet. Instead of a standard guestbook, we created a hot pink slambook and had people take Polaroids to put into the book.

Lisa's signature Warhol looking photo was blown up to poster size. They now sit above her fiancee's bed :)

Eighties music was blasting in the background as "Pretty in Pink" played on the LCD.

One of the bridesmaids came up with an awesome game of pin the glove on Michael Jackson's hand. She even put rhinestones onto the white glove for that extra bling!

And at the end, there was an impromptu workout with our fearless aerobics instructor. Everyone, strike a pose!

Bridal Shower Party Tip of the Day: Branding is very important! Even in a small party setting. Use the same colors, design elements and even fonts in the decor.

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  1. Love the theme, invitations et al. Especially love the pigs in a blanket. Brilliant!

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  3. By far the most hilarious and fun shower I've thrown! I think we should do like a Studio 54 next. Bringin back the discooo!