Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sabine Scherer Photography

I am getting married in July and the search for a photographer was much harder than we had planned. My wedding planner Michelle Miyairi from Bliss'd introduced me to one of her favorite photographers, Sabine Scherer

Sabine's work is timeless and speechless. Her photos are amazing and she catches the moment so beautifully. When we met Sabine we knew, well I did at least that I would love for her to take our photos. She was a joy to talk to and I can see why Michelle highly recommended her. Her personality was what we needed because we would want someone who we can feel comfortable with to capture moments of our special day. I am so glad and ecstatic that Sabine will be our photographer.

Check out some of her amazing work.
Any soon-to-be brides reading!?! Stay tuned for DIY's for your special day!

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1 comment:

  1. her photos are really nice! im glad you guys found one! im sure shell be able to capture everything thatll be beautiful come your wedding day! yay!