Thursday, March 12, 2009

Letterpress Wedding Book Invitation

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I recently browsed onto Merriment Design's blog and low and behold was one of the loveliest wedding invitations my eyes have ever set upon.

Nick & Nikki LoBue created a book out of their wedding invitation. They had a friend who was a copywriter help them write out their story.

They letterpressed the fabric book jacket out the outside as well as the other elements of the book which included the little tag that dangles from the book, the address labels and the belly band. You could tell that 110% effort was put into creating this invitation.

What I loved the most about this invitation was that it told their story...literally. It feels so personable and a lot of times you see invitations that look really nice but say nothing about the couple.

Fortunately for us, Merriment has the breakdown of the creation of Nick & Nikki LoBue's wedding book. See it here.

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  1. i totally want to do that for my wedding!!! how cute is that!!!!