Sunday, April 24, 2011

Pearl Jam Inspired Wedding Invitation

Discovered this lovely wedding invitation from one plus one design also known for designing the infamous letterpressed "Away We Go" hot air balloon wedding invitation. The bride and groom wanted to incorporate their appreciation for music into the invite. The birds themselves also have an important meaning to their wedding--specifically the processional. Love their work!

"The two birds are based on a lyric from the song Shelly walked down the aisle to, ‘Low Light’ by Pearl Jam. ‘Two birds is what they’ll see, getting lost upon their way’ sums this couple up perfectly. The two birds represent the night they met, amazingly at a Pearl Jam concert in Toronto, and the guitar for music of course, their shared passion (til death do them part)."

Images from oneplusone

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  1. Love the wedding invitations. It's unique and really colorful. Thanks for sharing this post.

  2. Beautiful wedding invitation. The design and style is really unique. Thanks for sharing this post to us.