Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Vintage Travel-Themed Wedding

This past summer, I helped some good friends design their wedding invitations. The rules? They wanted it to be travel-themed (since they are both big globetrotters) and had to utilize the colors of their alumni, University of Washington which were gold and purple. The bride really wanted to do the invitation like a passport. Slightly hesitant because while her wedding was meant to be very romantic and vintage, those colors didn't really quite fit the palette and I've seen one too many cheesy passport invitations. We eventually came to an agreement that it didn't have to literally read like a passport but still come off as one. Hopefully that goal was accomplished.

The cover was foil stamped in silver onto Curious Touch lavender skin cover stock (which feels almost like leathery). I seriously was in love with that paper. It sat in a translucent gold envelope for delivery. All saddle stitched together with purple thread.

Instead of the traditional passport invite look of having the couple's photo and a form layout, we went for the traditional looking invitation inside to maintain the vintage feel. It was purple ink digitally printed onto cream cardstock.

Threw in some vintage drawings for good measure. The postcard RSVP was to mirror old-school telegram forms (as seen in next image). It was perfed for easy and convenient mailing.

I also really loved their wedding photos by Rock the Image. Check out the wonderful wedding below. You'll see below that the seating charts were all passports to different cities theyve visited tucked into a little passport holder. Each table was marked with a miniaturized version of special landmarks. Check out more fab photos on the photographer's blog.

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  1. Oooh, these are gorgeous! I love the gold foil!