Thursday, June 3, 2010

DIY Paint Chip Streamers and Pennants

I love collecting paint chips!!! I always go a bit crazy when I go to a hardware store. I think of ways of recycling them and making something neat out of them!! So here are my attempts. A co-worker had a birthday so I wanted to make streamers to hang over her desk.


- Fishing wire or ribbon
- Tape
- Paint chips : 2 of each color or if you want to fold them then you only need one {FREE!!!}

I proceeded to tape one paint chip to the fishing wire and backed the matching color to it.
That is it... easy, fun and SO pretty!

I also used different sizes and folded some of them.

Rachel and I love pennants so I decided to make one!

Next time you are party planning... make sure you stop by your nearest
hardware store for some paint chips!!!

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  1. what a creative idea! I always find myself so distracted by the paint chip area at the hardware store, and this is a fun reason to stash some in my purse next time!

  2. This is such a neat idea! I love it!

    I am having a crafty competition with Paint samples that I would love to have you enter this project in!

    Check it out here: