Friday, April 23, 2010

Literary Mugs from Penguin Classics

Love it! Penguin Classics' iconic look applied to mugs.

A unique collection of bookish designs based on the classic Penguin® paperback book. Each product design in the collection adapts and plays with the colour, typography and iconic look of the original Penguin series first designed by Edward Young in 1935. The paperback series changed the way people accessed books and learning forever and the iconic distinctive ‘look’ lives on in public design consciousness.

Tony Davis describes the process of creating the idea – 'I’ve always felt there was natural affinity between books and coffee or tea-drinking which wasn’t reflected in the objects we drink out of. It seemed natural to put them together. Luckily, Penguin Books Ltd had the vision to see the potential of this synthesis, and allow us to create what you see today'. The witty combination of author and title combined with colour used in the original books has crossed all age and interest boundaries."

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