Friday, March 26, 2010

Greeting from Tokyo! :: part 2 ::

Here are some goodies I [Lisa] have purchased. Yes there are tons more... =)

The fabrics were found in an amazing craft store called Odakaya that had 2 separate buildings. One of the buildings was 6 stories high with crafts items like books, TONS of buttons and ribbons. The other one was was like a 4 story fabric heaven! All the fabrics that I purchased were all made in Japan. The brown fabric is a 2 sided fabric, one side is polka dot and the other is stripe.

The clothespins were found at the store on the upper level in Mylord mall that I mentioned here. The large Hello Kitty cookie cutter and 2 lunch boxes of the face and the panda were found at an awesome store called Tokyu Hands that is located in the Annex building of another mall called Takashimaya. Tokyu Hands is like an 8 story department store for the crafty and handy person.
The smaller Hello Kitty molds were found in the KiddyLand store mention in part one.
This was all in Shinjuku and Harajuku. I can't wait to show you the items that I found in Kyoto that killed my wallet! I still have like less than 2 days left here!

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