Thursday, February 25, 2010

Felt Fun

This past weekend, Lisa and I attended a retreat up near the Santa Cruz mountains. It was a good time of getting away from the business of the world. While we were there, our friend packed a whole bag of crafty, felty, fun goodness for us to play with. Here were some of our creations! I'll be the first to admit that I'm not that great with my hands when it comes to hands-on crafts; that is more Lisa's forte, but I absolutely love participating and these felt projects were ridiculously easy that I could even attempt to produce something decent. Some of the creations were floral barettes, a persimon and an sunny-side up egg.

At the site, there was also this plump and juicy bluejay hopping around who couldn't seem to fly because his body weight was holding him down. According to the camp staff, he takes the mini coffee dairy cream from the coffee bar and drinks it. He also didn't seem too nervous around people so I had to steal a myspace angle shot with him. We were so inspired by the bird that someone made a felt clip out of him :)
Here are some of the templates we used: fried egg pattern, persimmon pattern, elephant pattern, rose barrettes.

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