Thursday, January 21, 2010

Faux Floral Foto Booth!

A couple of my friends threw a New Year's party and for a photo booth, they created this awesome faux floral photo booth back drop created of paper flower and tissue poms (Think Martha Stewart poms) threw some lights in the back and voila! It looked like such a great idea for any event.

I recently saw a post on Wedding Bee who did one also! Tutorials by Mrs. Moonbeam of Wedding Bee are here: one, two and three.

images via simplycook and wedding bee

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  1. oooh!!! yeah!!! you put me in your blog! i feel so special.. =) i totally want to make more photobooths! :)

  2. So charming, I love this paper pom backdrop. Great, idea to spice up a photobooth!

  3. This is gorgeous and kind of mysterious-looking. Thank god for the internet + martha stewart; these poms just make all kinds of events look special, and they are so doable, even for a craft moron like me.