Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Real Wedding: Lisa + Billy - Saratoga, California {Part One}

It has been awhile since my wedding and I have been meaning to post my thoughts and ideas that were executed to make that day an amazing time with great family and amazing friends. I really wanted my wedding day to involved as many close people as possible. Besides the beautiful ladies who stood next to me that day, I was blessed to have people from all aspects of my life, in one place, to make this a very memorable and touching day for me.

I wanted to take part and be very active in my wedding planning. Besides having a GREAT planner (Thanks Michelle from Bliss'd), I was happy to be able to have the DIY wedding of my dreams!

The dresses that my bridesmaid wore were from JCrew. I got a great deal on them! The dresses were on sale and they had a promotion where there was an additional 30% off of their sale items. So I was lucky enough to get the 5 dresses. A few of my bridesmaids had to get them taken in but it was definitely worth it because they were so beautiful in them. I wanted to the dresses to have something small, so I handmade brooches for all of them out of polka dot fabric, yellow felt and buttons. They were able to wear their brooches differently on their dresses.

My dress was about $450! Brand new! I was lucky to snatch the dress at a local trunk show in my area. It was totally worth it! We really wanted to save some cost on bigger items and being able to save $500 from my dress which really helped witht he cost of the rest of the wedding!

The lovely shoes were from Nordstrom! I wanted something with a small heel and that would be mostly comfortable the whole night. The color of the shoes worked out perfect!!!

My necklace and hairpieces were ordered through Etsy.

I wanted to have cute little clutches for my bridesmaids and my flower girl so I was really excited to have my friend Marii Lang from mariilangdesigns handmade everyone by hand!!! They came out so perfect!!!

Our hair and make-up was done by Christie Lee and Quyen! My dear friends! Flying all the way from New York and EL Salvador these very fun and talented artist did such an amazing job!!!

Billy and I went back and forth with what he and the groomsmen would wear. We happen to walk through Banana Republic one day and found this great deal where you buy a jacket and you would get the dress pants for free which made his suit about $270. So we decided to go ahead and have the men wear their black suits that they already had and Billy bought himself a nice pinstriped gray suit and his 2 brothers a black suit! We customized the Converses that the guys wore. Billy had the date of our wedding and the groomsmen had their nicknames.

The polka dotted ties were also from Banana Republic.

My brother Noah, who was the ring bearer's outfit was about $75 from head to toe! His tie was from Brooks Brothers! They had a pretty good variety in ties for boys because I had such a hard time finding something nice for him. He was actually very excited to wear it!

Part two to come...

Photographs by Sabine Scherer

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  1. it looked like a gorgeous wedding!~ Love that necklace btw