Friday, August 28, 2009

Ikea Hacker for the Craftie

This idea from Ikeahacker is awesome. It combines 4 kitchen cabinets and creates a craft table! This blog has some great ideas using Ikea products. I love improvisation!

The designer wanted to create a larger craft table area. The solution was to buy four Ikea base kitchen cabinets (2, 30" and 2, 18") and they bolted together on the bottom and added turned feet for elevation.

They then covered the MDF that they mounted on top with nice fabric which we stapled on underneath the edge. A piece of glass cut to cover the whole top. To finish it off, they added wood trim to hide the 'seams' between cabinets, glass knobs, and an Ikea rod (Bygel).

Beautiful! Read more about it here.

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