Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Real Wedding: Michelle & Gary

This weekend, I was in San Diego for one of our old church youth kids' wedding. It was a really cute wedding with a lot of fun, little elements. It took place at Rancho Bernardo Inn Golf Resort & Spa. I had never seen this at any wedding, but for the recessional, the couple, the bridal party and the parents literally skipped down the aisle! It was quite cute and totally fit their personalities.

For the "wedding cake", they had a lot of little mousse cakes of mango, chocolate and redbean green tea. They were all quite tasty . I also thought the little fruit escort cards were so fun. Everything was really colorful.

Their whole theme was honeybees so at the candy bar, there was a whole plate of honey packages with a bee sitting on top!

Congrats to Michelle & Gary! You guys had a wonderful wedding!

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