Monday, April 6, 2009

DIY: Tie String Program

I had ordered some samples of some tie string envelopes and realized that it doesn't actually look that hard to make, so I tried my own version of a tie string for a program.

The tools you will need:
  • a circle punch (this can vary based on the size you want)
  • punch for setting your eyelet
  • eyelets
  • string
  • hammer for setting your eyelet
  • contrasting colored paper (from your program)

1. First, punch the hole for your eyelet into the paper that we will tie the string around.

2. Next, you will take the circle punch (preferably something under 3/4" works best) and punch a circle out where you punched the eyelet hole. Make sure it is centered. I had to punch mine upside down so I can see where to center it. You will need two of these circles.
3. Punch out a hole for the eyelet on the program. (Do the front and back cover of the program)

4. Set the eyelet on front and back cover with the green circle you punched out earlier onto the program.
5. Lastly, you tie the string around the back cover. Make sure you loop it at least twice to prevent it from coming apart.
6. After that, you just tie to the front and you have your tie string program all ready! This also works well for a gatefold invitation.

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