Thursday, March 26, 2009

Paging Dr. Rachel..

So I am a bit behind on my invites but I recently received part 1 or three pieces.

So the printer called us and told us that the die came in for part one of my invite and Rachel and I wanted to come and see the process before they went ahead to print the rest of them.

We arrived at Jeronimo's Lithocraft and watch as the owner himself, Jeronimo, letterpress my invites! It was SO amazing to be able to witness this process.

Jeronimo showed us a few samples of colors he pressed to see what we wanted to do and ended up mixing a metallic copper with black to create this simmering dark brown.

It looked jolie on our kraft paper. As we were testing the color out, I noticed that the date read funny on the invite.. UH OH! It was definitely printed wrong (our fault by the way).

You could see Rachel's brain working and because the die was made of polymer she suggests to Jeronimo if we can try to remove that part from the die. Jeronimo was ok with trying and worst case is that we order a new die. So he pulls the plate off from the letterpress and lays it down to get it ready for surgery. Then he said "Who is going to do it?". Rachel and I looked at each other and I knew we were both thinking.. "WHAT?!?!" Brave Rachel decided to try. She took the exacto knife & this little magnifying glass and started to do surgery on the plate! Here are the pictures!!

Results.. perfect! She took it all off and the printing is now done. Will show pictures when it is all done!

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