Saturday, March 7, 2009


It's fabulous! It's awesome! It's Orla Kiely at Target! The buzz and craze was not a disappointment! Affordable and so very cute, Orla Kiely has made Target that much more great! I have been in search of Orla Kiely's gems at many Targets ( Yes, even out of my state of California) and each one has shipments of different things! I couldn't resist and have purchased a few items already! From tablecloths to milk crate storage boxes, I'm sure once you find it in a Target near you, you too will not be able to resist these cute and fun new addition to your home.

1. Apron 2. Serving Tray 3. Milk Crate 4. Kitchen Towel 5. Pitcher 6. Hanging Shoe Organizer
7. Side Plate 8. Mug

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