Friday, March 27, 2009

Letterpress Engagement Book

Any girl would be so lucky to receive such a lovely engagement book given to her by her beau. The folks over at Studio on Fire have done it again designing a simple, yet elegant book for a groom-to-be to propose to his lucky lady. The book contains notes and emails the couple has written to each other over the years. How sweet is that.

specs via Beast Pieces:
"The gutt of the book is digitally printed in black text. The pages have a single hit of blind letterpress on the french folded edge. The pages are side sewn together and tuck into a custom hard bound book cover with black book cloth. We printed a custom liner on the cover interior with silver ink on black paper. The cover of the book and the title page are also letterpress printed in silver ink. The paper is 100 percent cotton Crane Lettra 80 lb text."

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  1. this is similar to how ryan proposed to me, but much more old-school. he had a letter he'd written me back when we first started dating, and he gave it to me to read before he proposed. so much cheesier than we actually are, but definitely memorable :-)