Friday, March 13, 2009

Inspiration Board - The Birds and the Trees

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The nature and bird themed weddings have been going strong but you can do it in so many different ways. I drew up an inspiration board or a more vintage outdoor feel which consists of wood textures, birds and green grassy things.
1. enpointe photography 2. boutonniere 3. vineyard collection wedding dress 4. wooden trunk candles 5. nest place setting 6. floral arrangement 7. leaf necklace by le collezione 8. photo frames 9. birdhouse name cards 10. letterpress wood save the date 11. chocolate goodies

The big question is, where do I shop!? Here are some links to where you can achieve this look.

Those darn birds (and nests). You may be able to find them at craft stores or nice furnishing boutiques, but usually at a high cost.

I found a site that sells craft items online and about 10 pages of all sorts of different little birdies! You can find these guys online at for very reasonable prices.
Jolie Tip: The clearance birdies tend to be half off!

Nest and name cards with jordan almonds from

Fun vintage decor
Beautiful vintage photo or table number holders, large and small chalkboards for signs and table numbers.

Tree stump accents for a centerpiece or just plain ol' tabletop decor from West Elm

Bird cake toppers from cottonbirddesigns on etsy. The nice thing about etsy is there's a wide range of items and styles to shop from.

Branches & Moss from Save on Crafts. They have a wide variety of branches in all different shapes and sizes all for fairly reasonable prices. They also have patches of grass and moss.

Jolie Tip: For my own wedding, I had a party of 500 and couldn't afford to spend $12-50/branch. I browsed onto craigslist and happened to find someone who owned a tree farm and was selling manzanitas. He gave them to me for $3-$5/piece!! Also, a lot of pet stores sell branches for amphibians that could also work for the look you're trying to achieve.
For you crafty diy folks, take your branches to another level with some inexpensive decor of paper flowers. Our lovely friend at dozi has an excellent tutorial for this!

Tree topiary name cards from

Happy Online Shopping!

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  1. ohhh what a great post! so many good resources.. why didn't you do this before i got married? ;) i love the mini topiaries! hehe thanks for including my little tutorial!

  2. YEA!! I love the chalkboards cute!