Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Furniture Finds in Healdsburg

This past weekend, a group of our friends enjoyed the weekend up in Sonoma, CA for a mini-getaway and of course, some wine tasting. We ventured out into a small town called Healdsburg that was full of cute stores and lots and lots of wine tasting rooms.

Wendy from dozi and I immediately took to the store 14Feet and were drooling over every other piece.

14feet. specializes in one-of-a-kind vintage industrial and mid-century pieces. brought back to a modern sensibility, the pieces work equally well in both classic and modern homes.

Some of our faves included:
This was one of my favorites. I loved the drawers on the side and the little orange stools that sat around it. The orange really gives it some depth. I don't know if it was a total set, but it seemed to go well together.

From danish designers at droog...a wine country doorbell!

This desk is amazing. Vintage circa 1940's metal tambour top executive desk with brass details. Very rare in steel and extremely heavy.

If my house had the capacity to fit all this beautiful furniture, 14feet would be empty in a heartbeat.

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  1. hey you two! i think we know each other ... what a great post on this store. that table and orange stools is seriously drool worthy! i'm adding you to my blogroll! :D

  2. I believe your desk to be pre-1920's and manufactured by the Art Metal Construction Company of Jamestown, NY. I have seen others like this sell for $5500-6500.